Ginter Park – holidays at the seaside in Łeba

Ginter Park is a holiday resort offering guest rooms and camping site. It is placed at Sarbska spit between Baltic sea and Sarbsko lake in the neighborhood of national park.

Ginter Park covers an area of 10.000 m2 and is surrounded by a maritime flora and sand dunes. It has own attendant car park. The property is placed next to the main avenue of the town. The area has 24 hours monitoring and lightning system. There are camping site, sanitary complex and trailer wash stand.

Ginter park is a beautiful and serene place, distance to the city center is 900 m, a distance to the beach is 250 m, and to the lake – 50 m. From the park the sound of the sea and warbling of birds can be heard. It is a perfect place to relax in the intimate atmosphere. The micro climate of this place is as beneficial as the best beauty product. For our guests disposal there is a kitchen equipped with a modern facilities, including washing machine, gas grills, refrigerators and a place to feast and meal surrounded by flora and the sound of the sea. Wireless internet is available at the park area.

Sport and free time

As a free time activities we recommend: paintball, bicycle trips, roller blade, big uncrowded beach, sea cruises and sightseeing excursions, fishing, windsurfing and sailing. Ginter park offers very good paintball equipment.

Ginter Park proposes yacht charters. We offer new generation yachts of Casa 33 for Baltic sailing. Description is given on the website

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